The OceanTeacher Global Academy (OTGA) Project of IOC/IODE established a global network of Regional Training Centres (RTCs) to deliver customised training for ocean experts and professionals to increase national and regional capacity in coastal and marine sciences, services and management.

The OceanTeacher e-Learning Platform enables sharing of standardized, quality training contents in a coordinated framework, whilst allowing the use of different languages as well as local/regional case studies. The e-Learning Platform is a web-based training platform that supports classroom training (face-to-face), blended and online/distance learning. Courses cover a range of topics related mainly to the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) Programmes, thus contributing to the IOC Mandate and the implementation of the IOC Capacity Development Strategy, enabling equitable participation of all IOC Member States and IOC Programmes. Since its implementation, OceanTeacher has organized and/or supported the organisation of well over 250 courses and involving over 3000 participants from 134 Coastal States. The e-Learning Platform has currently more than 5500 registered users. The current network of RTCs includes Belgium, Colombia, China, India, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Mozambique and Senegal. All OceanTeacher content is freely and openly available.

OTGA will support the PacMAN project by supporting the development of the contents of three training modules and hosting these online using the OTGA e-learning platform, as well any support needed during the delivery of these courses.