The Pacific Community (SPC) is the principal scientific and technical organisation in the Pacific region, supporting development since 1947. SPC is an international development organisation owned and governed by 26 country and territory members. In pursuit of sustainable development to benefit Pacific people, SPC works on the effective and innovative application of science and knowledge, guided by a deep understanding of Pacific Island contexts and cultures. Since 2017, SPC has established the Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS) that provides excellence in ocean science, knowledge and innovation supporting the Pacific Community to conserve and sustainably use ocean, seas and marine resources of our Pacific Blue Continent. The PCCOS mission is to be the platform for coordination of ocean science, knowledge and innovation and delivery of multi-disciplinary multi-sectoral integrated programming to assist the Pacific Community in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 14 and contributing to other SDGs in the framework of the Blue Pacific Continent.

As a project partner and stakeholder, the SPC will participate in the advisory board and help design the decision support tool and support the training activities. This lines up very well with their plans to establish an OTGA Regional Training Centre as well as the nascent Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS), which integrates expertise across our Fisheries, Geoscience, Maritime, and Climate Change programs and divisions.