The South West Pacific OBIS node (SWP-OBIS) is hosted in New Zealand by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). SWP-OBIS is the gateway to marine biodiversity data from the south west Pacific region and currently contributes over 1.8 million records to the OBIS community. The goals of SWP-OBIS are to: (i) provide a hub to access marine biodiversity data from the southwestern Pacific region; (ii) support the sharing of marine biodiversity data from the southwestern Pacific region for inclusion in the OBIS international data network; (iii) champion the use data management best practices in the biodiversity community; and (iv) enable end-users to utilize marine data from the OBIS network.

Participation in the PacMAN project will be through a variety of roles. SWP-OBIS provides an established workflow of data ingestion, including data quality assurance and quality control checks, into the OBIS network through its Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) server. In addition, SWP-OBIS also provides assistance to researchers through training, advice and support on Data Management best practices though hands-on training workshops and data support services.