As an initiation of PacMAN monitoring settlement plates have been deployed to four sites in the Suva harbour. Each site has three sets of three settlement plates at different depths along the water column depending on the total water depth and tides. Along with deployments, sampling for plankton, water and environmental measurements were also performed.

In addition to the plates, signage boards were installed at each of the four sites, to ensure that the monitoring can go forward undisturbed.

The Creative Company PTE Limited along with the teams at IAS and FPCL conducted a site scoping exercise on the sites before installing the signs on the 22nd of November. PacMAN team extends its gratitude in thanking all the teams including Team IAS (Pacific Natural Products Research Center Team and Quality, Marketing and Communications Team), Team Fiji FPCL, the team from Creative Company PTE Limited and Sky Productions Fiji.

Pictured herein the first photograph: From left: Mr. Atul Kumar (FPCL), Mr. Joape Ginigini (IAS-USP), Ms. Miriama Vuiyasawa (IAS-USP) and Mrs. Paayal Kumar (IAS-USP).

Picture Credit: Mr. Puamau (Sky Productions Fiji) Skypro Fj

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